Carlyn Boyle

I’m moving forward doing bigger tasks


I trained with tigers in Business & Administration and the best thing I’ve taken away has been moving forward to doing bigger tasks, using Sage etc, which is giving me loads of experience.

What are you up to now?
I work in an office for a construction company, still here 6 years later. I like that I get to work with the public & the employees, helping the guys on site with van bookings, test bookings etc & I have got to gain loads of experience throughout the years.

What do you think sets tigers apart when it comes to training young people?
They’re good at training & keeping in contact to see how you progress. I have been away from tigers going on 6 years and am still in contact.

I work in an office in a construction company

Favourite memory of training with tigers?
The day I got offered my full time position with the company I work with, and getting my two SVQ for Business & Admin.

Tigers have always been there if I’ve needed support with anything in my workplace, and to ask questions.

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